August 12, 2009

exciting news!!!

Last March, as you might remember, I shot Brittney's bridals. We met up one evening after work, and the first thing she says to me as she hops in the car is, “So Jaren, would you ever go on a blind date?!?!”

Honestly, I had to admit, since having turned the big 3-0 last December, in retrospect, I realized that my life had taken a pretty drastic change of course over the last couple of years. It felt as if I’d crossed the threshold of Experience and Wisdom...reached a mature state of life-validation...i.e., finally made it to the point of “old-maid hood” where everyone had pretty much given up hope on the idea that their match-making efforts for me would ever turn out a success so they stopped trying to hook me up altogether! Understandably, then, when Britt posed the question, my first response was almost, “What’s a blind date?!?” Instead, I rephrased the question: “You have someone you want to set me up with?!?”

Well, more on that story later (Ahem, Dawn! ;) because I have some exciting news to share about Brittney Long Designs!!!! ;)


A couple months ago, Brittney started up her business out of her passion for design and creativity. She designs wedding, baby and graduation announcements, party invitations, business cards, page layouts and probably just about anything else you might need drawn up! I love what she did with this image from her and Jake's "We Did" shoot...


And with a wave of Britt's magic...voila!


Isn't she great!!! I LOVE it!

Okay, so now, if you have a favorite image or images from a previous shoot that you would like Brittney to use to design an announcement, card, etc., and you did not purchase the session CD, contact me as soon as possible because I'm going to be offering these images for only $10 per digital file! (Normally they are $35 a file!!!) Woot, woot! (as Jamie says!) Love new product and vendor contacts...especially when they are dear friends! Congratulations again Britt!! Cheers!


jamie said...

jaren~ love the way you get all
deep and gushy and rigghhhtt before
you spill... you STOP! AHHHH!
You are killing your readers with
suspense jaren ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool! How wonderful Brittney is doing something she loves and how great you are for promoting guys are a great team!! I want more info! Sue

Brittney said...

You are the light in my life! You little sweetie pie! Thank you so much! Britt


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